WizFlow 6.61

WizFlow allows you to create flowcharts and diagrams
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WizFlow is a good option to create flowcharts and diagrams with ease. Its intuitive interface allows you to add the desired figures, connectors, and labels required to the diagramming area. Each figure includes its description and color of identification; nevertheless you can modify its properties and define new styles.

One important feature is the Diagram Wizard that enables you to set initial properties such as size, color, shapes effects, and font, tailored to your needs.

The figures from the gallery are arranged by category but the application includes symbols of containers, flowcharting, 3D shapes, and others which can be inserted and modified according to your algorithm or process. You can also import images from files.

Once your design is finished, it can be saved, printed, copied to clipboard, or exported as image file or HTML format.

Although the program is easy to operate there is also help, review examples, and demonstration diagrams if you still need support.

Once disadvantage I found is that you cannot use Hyperlinks to open external applications.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can modify the properties of each object and define new styles
  • You can export your diagram as image file or HTML format


  • You cannot use Hyperlinks to open external applications
  • You can attach connectors in specified places of the shapes but not anywhere
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